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Ted Byfield: Ottawa’s oncoming sucker play to gain control of the web

Stop the porn, they’ll say, but it’s the Christian sites they’re really out to silence

Ted Byfield: Ottawa’s oncoming sucker play to gain control of the web

A column that appeared in the Financial Post last week over the signature of the Harvard law professor Noah Feldman is of direct concern to any Christian conscious of the Culture War that has engulfed our faith in the opening years of our 21st Century. It is a war that we, who live in the western world, have very definitely been losing. One of the reasons is that we too often don’t see the implications of such articles as Mr. Feldman’s.

What he discusses and effectively describes is the efforts of various governments, particularly the Canadian and German ones, to gain control over the content of the Internet. (His article is reprinted in this edition of The Christians.) My concern is that all Christians when reading it should be aware of two realities.

One is the fact that Christians, both Protestant and Catholic, have learned how to effectively use the web. It’s the one front on which we are beginning to score some major victories. Through the web we gain access to vital information that the mainstream news media either ignore because they don’t understand it, or deliberately suppress because they do.

The other is the fact that the reigning attitude in the news media, reflecting as it does the reigning attitude among public educators, is essentially hostile to the basic tenets of the Christian religion. This becomes blatantly apparent in the conflicts surrounding sex education. But it extends far beyond that — shaping the teaching of social studies, literature, the sciences, even mathematics. The bias will become plain when (if ever) the Alberta’s promised revolutionary curriculum is made public by our socialist rulers.

But in the meantime, consider what a convulsion the web has caused to the prior status quo. Things had been so cosily arranged. First, the lobbies took over the education system– women’s rights, native rights, sodomist rights, animal rights, clean air rights. It took years, but slowly these causes gained universal approval, faithfully reflected in the practitioners of the media. Soon scorn fell upon the defenders of the Old Order. They went from being out-of-date, to merely irrelevant, to “hate-mongers.”

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